About MAP Open Apps

Welcome to MAP Open Apps, a searchable public database containing summarized information from hundreds of MAP Fund applications received each year.

The motivation behind Open Apps is our desire to share the inspiration MAP panelists, consultants and staff experience when reading the annual catalogue of proposals for support of new work. Year after year, we come away in awe of the aesthetic daring, originality of thinking and plain humanity of the field of live performance in the US, and most eager to share that impression with the public.

MAP Open Apps allows you to search applications by region, discipline, artist name or key word. Searches will reveal each proposal's project summary, lead artists associated with the work, and links for more information about the project or the artists involved. In addition, you can click through to the data charts and see aggregated information about MAP applications going back as far as 2006.

The live performance field in the US is thriving! The proof is now at your fingertips.

Applicant Search

Applications from 2010 on are available (at the applicant's discretion) in our searchable database. Search for a specific application, or browse by year, title, disipline, or region.

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We have prepared a set of charts and statistics showing our funding history -- applications received and funded -- broken out by region, discipline, state, and year.

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