About the Grant

$13,000 to support Tracing (MAP 2009), a work for trombone and electronic sound composed by Frances White and performed by trombonist Monique Buzzarté. Sponsored by The Electronic Music Foundation.

About the Project

Tracing will explore the relationship between the trombone and the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). These two ancient instruments from very different cultures are both sounded by the breath, and share the ability to navigate an almost unlimited spectrum of pitches within their respective ranges: as microtonal instruments, both transcend the notion of fixed temperament. Slides and glissandi, from the subtle to the extreme, are central to their musical behavior and language. The shakuhachi's origin is as a spiritual tool; similarly, the trombone and its ancestor the sackbut have been used throughout history to evoke the otherworldly and the supernatural. By translating shakuhachi techniques and idioms to the trombone, the composer and performer hope to develop and explore a unique musical language new to the instrument. Meanwhile, reflecting the intimate connection between the shakuhachi and the natural world, the electronic part of Tracing will be based on and shaped by a field recording of natural sound. This electronic sound will create a sonic space for the performer, and will subtly reinforce and contrast with various aspects of the trombone's unique timbre.

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