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$24,500 to Junebug Productions to support ALLEGED LESBIAN ACTIVITIES (MAP 2016)
$5,520 to general operating support for LAST CALL: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project

About the Project

ALLEGED LESBIAN ACTIVITIES is a cabaret show run amok, an immersive performance event staged in a smoky bar, a one night stand with a girl you might never see again. Merging contemporary dance, theatrical staging, and oral history interviews, ALLEGED LESBIAN ACTIVITIES looks closely at the vanishing legacy of lesbian spaces, and invites audiences into new ways of engaging with and complicating LGBTQ history.

Across the country over the last decade, lesbian bars have shuttered their doors by the droves, and New Orleans, long a haven for LGBTQ people in the conservative South, is not immune. When the last lesbian bar in New Orleans closed in 2012 (RIP Rubyfruit Jungle), we were filled with questions: What happened to all the dyke bars? Had non-discrimination policies and marriage equality replaced the need for separate queer spaces?

For more than three years, we’ve sought answers by interviewing elders from the lesbian community about their experiences in the thriving local bar scene of the 1960s-80s. Much more than a place to have a cocktail, lesbian bars were crucial spaces for forming social identity and fostering activism for the LGBTQ community. ALLEGED LESBIAN ACTIVITIES stages a funeral for these lost queer spaces, and lifts up a rallying cry against our erasure.

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