About the Grant

$36,500 to support Chicago project (not yet titled) (MAP 2016)
$8,300 to general operating support for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

About the Project

Teatro Línea de Sombra (TLS) is developing a research-based interdisciplinary performance work over a two-year period, driven by the life stories of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. The Mexico City-based company is collaborating with Chicago-based multidisciplinary artists led by Anthony Joel Romero. The collaborators are drawing on the contrast between their cultures. Recognizing that their own patterns reflect larger movements in human, economic and political histories, the creative team is unbordering their practice as a new political act in this time of feverish debates regarding borders and citizenship. Teatro Línea de Sombra (translated as “Shadow Line Theater”) ensemble members are rooted in political theater and collaborations, and their works feature visceral imagery, evocative soundscapes and rich storytelling.

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