About the Grant

$29,000 to Dancers' Group to support ARA: Waterways Time Weaves (MAP 2016)
$6,550 to general operating support for Dohee Lee

About the Project

"ARA is how I can engage and support people to empower themselves through their stories. Stories are the medicine. My vision is to take stories and turn them into highly collaborative community dance rituals." -Dohee Lee

ARA: Waterways Time Weaves, is a ritual theatrical performance featuring elements of Korean dance, contemporary dance, music with acoustic and electronic elements, and community participation.

ARA is the goddess of tears. Her name has various meanings including “ocean” and “eye.” Her tears flow down and become rivers and oceans. They drift up and become stars shining in the Milky Way. Each one memorializes a story evoking sadness, love, desperation, and hope.

For ARA, Lee is working with 100 multi-generational immigrant women from 11 Asian backgrounds, organized through the project's collaborating organization, Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA) in Oakland. CHAA is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for marginalized communities with special focus on Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the Bay Area. CHAA provides year-round programming to help support immigrant women's lives.

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