About the Grant

$32,000 to support Petra (MAP 2016)
$7,200 to general operating support for Gametophyte Inc.

About the Project

A surreal discourse on desire and contemporary self, Petra examines race, sex, and power through the lens of service and unrequited love. Conceived and directed by Dean Moss and inspired by the film “The bitter Tears of Petra von Kant” by the German New Cinema director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Petra merges the imagined and real lives of its multi-diasporic cast, while drawing parallels to the 1972 film’s European and anxiety-laced explorations of subjection and dispossession. In a presentation both melodramatically artificial and existentially uncertain, Moss addresses identity as a site for resistance and possibility. Petra will premiere in NYC at the newly renovated Performance Space 122 in May 2017.

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