About the Grant

$30,500 to support Seeds (working title) (MAP 2016)
$6,900 to general operating support for ODC Theater

About the Project

Seeds (working title) is a documentary dance theater production by Nicole Klaymoon, Shakti Butler, and d. Sabela grimes. This will be the first time Klaymoon draws directly from, and collaborates with, a documentary filmmaker to inform her work for the stage. The work is meant to explore the ways restorative justice can disrupt America’s school-to-prison pipeline, a well-documented national trend in which youth – mostly those affected by learning disabilities and histories of poverty, abuse, neglect, and structural racism – are funneled out of public schools and directly into juvenile and criminal justice systems. Seeds will delve into personal stories from individuals and affected families in order to understand the emotions of people victimized, and create a new form of hip-hop documentary dance theater.

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