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$10,000 to Unique Projects to support In/Expiration (MAP 2016)
$2,250 to general operating support for Sheetal Gandhi

About the Project

How do we turn a moment into a movement?

This isn’t our story, but it is our story.
 We are not victims, but we are victims.
 When we allow injustice to oppress the lives of our black brothers, our brown sisters, our gay, lesbian and transgender friends, we open the door to a sickness that we thought we were immunized against. We do not live in isolation. We are a community. And we must rise together, or we will fall together.

In/Expiration is a highly rhythmic dance-theater performance that investigates issues of personal justice and identity, the imperative of breath, and the repercussions of race-fueled violence. The choreography features a hybrid movement vocabulary including South Asian dance forms Bharatanatyam and Kathak, in dialog with the rhythms, isolations and punctuations of both Tap and Jazz. Live text, stirring vocalizations and contrapuntal rhythmic-breathing are layered into and over the movement with twin-like precision by dancer/performers Sheetal Gandhi and Ulka Mohanty, who are accompanied by Mark Gutierrez on the upright and electric bass. These live musical elements are seamlessly integrated into an enveloping sound-score by Derrick Spiva and Ian Smith.

With humor and sensitivity, In/Expiration explores the circumstances faced by many who are being choked by a system that treats different races and classes of people unequally.

How do we turn a moment into a movement?

Perhaps we start by moving.

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