About the Grant

$40,000 to Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra to support New Water Music (MAP 2016)
$9,000 to general operating support for Yotam Haber, New Orleans Airlift

About the Project

Guggenheim Award and Rome Prize-winning composer Yotam Haber will create New Water Music, performed by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and 100 volunteer community musicians of all ages and abilities. The musicians will board artist-crafted boats and rafts and perform the hour-long work on the waterways of urban New Orleans. New Orleans Airlift, an artist collective, will create a site-specific installation for the performance that will allow musicians to perform the piece afloat on the water. Partners include the Gulf Restoration Network and others concerned with the community's relationship to water in New Orleans. Yotam Haber will conduct using encoded musical messages through naval semaphore flags to initialize both written and improvised bursts of music.

The project will be carefully documented in order to leave a detailed set of instructions on how the work can be presented in different water-bound cities around the world. In order to allow any future community to present the work, New Water Music also will exist as a 20-minute indoor concert work, to be shown with a video-art work created expressly for the project by an artist selected by New Orleans Airlift. The premiere of this project will be April 2017.

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