About the Grant

$40,000 to New York Live Arts to support Song of Silver Geese + Songs of the World Now (SOWN) 50-state tour (MAP 2016)
$9,000 to general operating support for Jen Shyu

About the Project

Jen Shyu's Songs of Our World Now (SOWN) is a 50-state solo tour of her most ambitious work to date, Song of Silver Geese. This tour is intended to not only be performed in the best venues for creative music, jazz, and hybrid theater around the globe, but also to 'plant seeds' of creativity by giving free concerts and workshops in schools and homes in each of the 50 United States, focusing on small towns less exposed to this kind of intercultural and interdisciplinary art.

"I want to work with and inspire young people to develop their own solo work from their own roots and backgrounds, whatever they may be." — Jen Shyu

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