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$24,000 to Network of Ensemble Theaters to support Plantation Remix (MAP 2016)
$5,400 to general operating support for Cristal Truscott, Progress Theatre

About the Project

Plantation Remix is a site-specific NeoSpiritual (a’capella musical) and performative tour of historical U.S. plantations designed to raze, rework and reimagine the separatist genre of plantation reenactment. As a remix to reenactments, it will not endeavor toward documentary theatre, but rather a heightened-reality that interrogates and rehabilitates the singular story of “antebellum glory” by investigating American legacies as shared histories through multi-perspective narratives of both enslaved and slave-owning families and their descendants. As a remix to plantation sites, it examines slavery’s systemic descendants (Jim Crow, misogyny, police brutality, prison industrial complex, education inequality, immigration policy, Islamophobia, etc.) and how we, as Americans, are living through them, with them and pushing against them.

What better places to examine the ideals of American democracy, its successes and failures, than at our National Historic Landmarks? How can art be used at these sites to bridge the gap between the facts of the past and the complex, myriad of on-the-ground dissonance in “raced realities” and racism in America today?

With a multi-cultural performance ensemble ("tour guides"), Plantation Remix will engage deeply with the Black/White binary often bound as the sole entry point to U.S. plantations, exploring implications of historical empathy that include a range of American identities as descendants of systemic and social ripple effects from U.S. slavery. Plantation Remix will revisit sites ripe for exploration of hierarchies of power by using performance to remix the act of plantation tours as opportunities for inclusion, acknowledgement, inter/intra cultural exchange and healing-driven dialogue.

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