About the Grant

$40,000 to Brooklyn Arts Exchange to support Building a Better Fishtrap: From the River's Mouth (MAP 2016)
$9,000 to general operating support for Paloma McGregor

About the Project

Building a Better Fishtrap: From the River's Mouth is a performance installation on the Bronx River that ruminates on the interdependence between the environment, cultural retention and the moving body.

Using the waterway as site and muse, Paloma McGregor and her collaborators will illuminate the embattled history of New York City’s only freshwater river - once so polluted by industry it was declared an open sewer - and invite both participants and witnesses to envision their stake in its future.

Audiences will experience performances while riding in canoes along a 1.5-mile stretch of the river itself, as well as from three riverside parks in the South Bronx that are part of the last decade of revitalization along the waterway. This will be done in collaboration with Bronx River Alliance, with whom McGregor has worked for several years, as part of a free program that invites local communities to interact with the river by canoe.

McGregor's work along the Bronx River was inspired by her ongoing project Building a Better Fishtrap. Rooted in her 90-year-old father’s vanishing fishing tradition, Fishtrap explores what we take with us, leave behind and return to reclaim.

"Situating my work in the Bronx, on the river, in collaboration with community, is part of my ongoing commitment to creating experimental performance that brings communities of color to the center - as visionaries, participants and audiences." -Paloma McGregor

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