About the Grant

$21,000 to Fractured Atlas to support Gender/Power Composition IV (MAP 2016)
$4,730 to general operating support for Maya Ciarrocchi, Kris Grey, Sandra Parker

About the Project

Gender/Power Composition IV is a feminist, trans, and queer led collaborative that uses personal narrative as a laboratory for exploring social constructions through performance and visual art. The work is generated collaboratively with its participants and presents narratives of how they experience power based on perceptions of their gender at the intersection of age, race, class, ability, sex, and sexuality. These narratives destabilize the social constructs of binary gender and expose the signifiers that define sex and power. Composition IV will be staged in a projected environment and will include the integration of movement using background research from common coding and action perception. Performances will incorporate a method of direct audience collaboration where viewers are invited to speak their truths through the voluntary contribution of text or improvised narrative.

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