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$25,500 to support Swivel Spot (MAP 2016)
$5,750 to general operating support for The Kitchen

About the Project

Swivel Spot, commissioned and presented by The Kitchen, continues New York choreographer Jen Rosenblit’s improvisational approach to choreographic thought, locating ways of being together amidst impossible spaces — choosing The Kitchen’s second-floor gallery space with the audience huddled close together as her site. A companion to its preceding work, Clap Hands (premiere April 2016), which is an over-crowded solo, Swivel Spot is, inversely, about the phenomenon of absolute presence and highlights autonomy as a potential site for togetherness.

In a close collaboration with sound and performance artist Geo Wyeth, who performs with Rosenblit in the work, their duet complicates narratives of intimacy. Themes of the hunt, a game or match, carry from one scene to the next. Set inside a large and potentially un-durable architecture of soft goods, a fantastical sand pit, they will waste time and look to sustainability as something that might break each night. Swivel Spot is concerned with the duration of change – what we hover around, return to, pivot on, flirt with, or linger near, as transition occurs. By creating constant situations for metamorphosis through seemingly endless crescendos and scores, this precarious labor makes visible how we begin to measure transformation without rendering it obsolete. Through an ungovernable relationship of togetherness, they will continue to address the problem of singularity by highlighting it as an almost impossible achievement.

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