About the Grant

$10,000 to support Resonance and Resemblance (MAP 2016)
$2,250 to general operating support for Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center

About the Project

Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center will present Resonance and Resemblance as the 2017 Annual Performance for their Artist Residency program. Suzanne Thorpe is composing a work for 5 recorders (in motion on the surface of Manitoga's Quarry Pool in canoes), sonic reflections, and supporting electronic elements. The supporting auxiliary electronic elements, performing in concert with the recorders, will be discreetly placed throughout the quarry, creating little ecologies of sound in their own right, that are in turn in dialogue with the ongoing work. Ms. Thorpe's engagement of the materiality of this site, utilizing the rock walls and the water's surface, directly reflects our history.

Manitoga, once an abandoned granite quarry, was later transformed by visionary industrial designer Russel Wright into a modernist home and woodland garden. Wright never stopped experimenting with his principals of mixing the natural and manufactured into a statement on how people live in nature. Though conceived as a site-specific performance, the artist sees Manitoga as a place to learn new principles of sound in a uniquely enclosed natural environment. Thorpe hopes to be able to take what she learns in the intimate space of the Quarry Pool to other similar environments such as Western river canyons, greatly increasing the scale of what she can achieve as a composer.

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