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$20,500 to support INTERRUPTION! (MAP 2016)
$4,700 to general operating support for Seed Artists

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INTERRUPTION! is a live performance piece composed for a 14-piece ensemble with music by Rob Reddy and libretto written and performed by poet, saxophonist, visual artist and all-around renaissance man, Oliver Lake. The title and premise of the piece is taken from a sermon that the Reverend William Barber II gave on July 12, 2015, on the eve of the North Carolina NAACP vs McCrory trial in Winston-Salem — a suit that was brought by Reverend Barber, the League of Women Voters, a group of college students and the Department of Justice. When the United States Supreme Court struck down the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in 2013 (a 30+ year agenda of Justice Roberts), many states created sweeping changes in election laws that have, and will continue, to deny many Americans access to the voting booth. Reverend Barber took the podium and delivered a potent, political speech calling attention to deliberate attacks on the lives and votes of Black Americans. The premise of Reverend Barber's sermon comes from Isaiah 58: "Cry out loud, don't hold back, interrupt the nation." Barber exhorted the over 10,000 protesters gathered at the state capital, and those watching the news, to engage in “necessary interruption,” saying "The reality is...that the nation needs interruption, particularly when liturgy or parliamentary procedures become a cover up for injustice." Not limiting himself to voting rights, Barber called for interruption against police brutality, mass incarceration, capital punishment and even on behalf of LGBTQ, Native, and immigrant communities.

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